Client Service

Global Career follows a comprehensive process to conduct Talent search

  • Understand Client Requirements
  • Maping Exercise
  • Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Shortlisting
  • Candidate – Client Meeting
  • Reference Checks
  • Negotiations and Offer
  • Follow-Up Till Joining
  • Back-Up

Understand Client Requirements
Developing a thorough job description is vital to a successful search. By working closely with the clients, we analyze the client’s needs, identifying the responsibilities of the position, qualifications, experience required and determine the required skill sets expected in the successful candidate.

Mapping Exercise
After assessing the client needs, we prepare a detailed search criterion including target sectors, companies, Geographical spread , Compensation range etc and other relevant criteria for selection and the time frame.

Candidate Screening
Based on your needs and our research, Global Career will identify the best potential candidates for the search. The candidate generation phase may involve one or a combination of different approaches, including headhunting, direct candidate approach, internet search, advertisement and referrals from all sources.

Candidate Shortlisting
We realize that the candidate fitment is not just on paper, simply matching specs to a resume. We shortlist candidates after assessing the cultural fitment between company and candidate as well as long-term compatibility. The identified candidates through the above phase are screened and assessed with reference to the defined specifications before they are recommended. The consultant does an informal reference check on the candidates.

Candidate – Client Meeting
Upon completion of our identification and evaluation process, we provide a detailed summary of the most qualified candidates for your review. This attention to detail provides an efficient, timely and highly successful match. Only qualified candidates are presented to the client.  Global Career would co-ordinate the entire interview schedule and if required participate in the interviews. After each interview, we take feedback from both the client and the candidates.

Reference Checks
Through our preparation, follow up, and attention to detail; the search process is well managed and conducive to success. Thus, the process through which we check references is rigorous and assures your hires are the finest available.

Negotiations and Offer
Global Career would also assist the client in making the offer and negotiations.

Follow-Up Till Joining
After an acceptance, our job is not done. Our exclusive retention program ensures both client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and continual communication.
We believe that our search is complete only when the selected candidate joins and settle in the new organization.

As a backup strategy, we make the client identify another backup candidate i.e the next best fit and keep the relationship active till the search assignment is successfully closed.